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The chocolate factory

The glass chocolate factory

The heart of the chocolate museum

Our chocolate factory was completely redesigned in spring 2020 and now offers a state-of-the-art, informative and sensory museum experience. The new ingredient warehouse with its original-sized raw material containers, a huge industrial rack and oversized measuring cylinders leads you to the production line in the glass chocolate factory. A walk-through infographic provides fascinating insights into chocolate production. Strikingly visualized information and exciting media stations line the path through the entire production process: from roasting the cocoa beans to the finished bar. While the media stations show the processes inside the machines, the audience constantly breathes in the tempting aroma of liquid chocolate.

Turning bitter cocoa beans into delicious chocolate is a long and complicated process that has been refined over the centuries. Important inventions on the way to melt-in-the-mouth chocolate were the 5-roller mill by Heinrich Stollwerck in 1873 and the conche invented by Rudolphe Lindt in 1879. You can admire both machines in the Chocolate Museum. In our glass chocolate factory, you can see exactly how the delicious chocolate mass is made from the cocoa beans. The production of chocolate bars can also be followed in detail through the large viewing windows.

Our hollow figure studio

Look over the shoulder of the Maîtres Chocolatiers

Magical unicorns, cute laughing bunnies, panda bears, monkeys, cats, camels, hearts and footballs – all these pretty hollow figures are made exclusively and lovingly by hand in the Chocolate Museum. You can watch live in the hollow figure studio. In addition to years of experience, our Maîtres Chocolatiers need a great deal of passion and, of course, knowledge about chocolate for their work. If a multi-colored figure is being made, details such as eyes, ear shells or the long rabbit teeth must be “made up” by hand in advance in the mold using liquid chocolate and a brush. This again requires a lot of skill and practice.

Our tip: Take a piece of the chocolate museum home with you as a souvenir of your visit or give the little chocolate works of art to your loved ones as a gift. You can find a selection in the chocolate shop on the 1st floor.

Handicraft in the Chocolate Museum