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From the cocoa plantation to the chocolate factory

Follow the path of cocoa and chocolate

“Intowada” – this is the inscription on an ancient West African dugout canoe. It is the first exhibit that catches your eye when you visit our exhibition in the Chocolate Museum and begin your “world tour of cocoa”. Covering over 600 square meters, the newly designed exhibition is all about the cultivation, transport, production and consumption of cocoa and chocolate. “Sustainability” is the common thread that runs through the entire exhibition. Admire the various fascinating cocoa plant species in the midst of exotic vegetation in our tropical house. Sometimes the plants even bear fruit. The cocoa tree “Theobroma cacao” (food of the gods) originally grew in the Amazon region, but today it is mainly cultivated by small farmers in West Africa.

In the museum’s own chocolate production facility, the chocolate fountain, which is always filled with fresh Lindt chocolate, is not the only tempting highlight. The production process can also be observed step by step on the glass machines. Our Maître Chocolatier awaits you at the chocolate fountain. There you can always try fresh Lindt chocolate to your heart’s content.

Visit our chocolate factory and immerse yourself in the world of chocolate craftsmanship. Learn how truffles and hollow figures are made and create your own individual chocolate bar from three types of Lindt chocolate and 40 ingredients. This is then made right in front of your eyes by the Maîtres Chocolatiers. Would you like to learn the art of making chocolates or improve your skills? Then book one of our
chocolate courses
in our confectionery.

Chocolate’s journey through time

Cultural history

The heart of the chocolate museum is the cultural history exhibition: aphrodisiac, offering, means of payment, food and pleasure – chocolate is and was all of these things.

Gain exciting insights into the 5000-year-old history of cocoa, from the mythical ceremonies in Central America to the luxurious drink of the European nobility and today’s luxury food for everyone.

Inventors, entrepreneurs, traders

Nostalgia and cult status

Many chocolates have now achieved cult status. Experience the colorful variety of chocolate brands. Historic enamel signs and chocolate vending machines take you into the world of advertising. Take a seat on the Gold Bunny sofa or playfully test your knowledge of cult chocolates. Can you find the cult chocolate that accompanied your childhood?

A nostalgic stroll through the chocolate advertising of the early 20th century reveals many beautiful and amusing advertising ideas, packaging and vending machines.