Our Exhibition

From the cocoa plantation to the chocolate factory

“Intowada” – this is the inscription on an ancient West African dugout canoe. It is the first exhibit that catches your eye when you start your “world tour of cocoa” in the Chocolate Museum. On more than 600 square metres, everything in the newly designed exhibition revolves around the cultivation, transport, production and consumption of cocoa and chocolate. “Sustainability” is the common thread running through the entire exhibition.

Admire the various fascinating cocoa plant species amidst exotic vegetation in our tropical house. Sometimes the plants even bear fruit. The cacao tree “Theobroma cacao” (food of the gods) originally grew in the Amazon region, today it is mainly cultivated by small farmers in West Africa.

In the museum’s own chocolate production, it is not only the chocolate fountain, which is always filled with fresh Lindt chocolate, that is a tempting highlight. The manufacturing process can also be observed step by step at the glass machines.

Our Maître Chocolatier awaits you at the chocolate fountain. There you can always taste fresh Lindt chocolate to your heart’s content.

When visiting our chocolate workshop on the second floor of the exhibition, you will enter the world of handcrafted chocolate. Discover how favourites such as the truffles and chocolate figures are made, and you can even create your own unique chocolate bar from a choice of three types of chocolate and 40 different ingredients. The master chocolatier will then produce your own chocolate bar before your very eyes.

Brown gold – Sweet seduction

The heart of the Chocolate Museum awaits you in the exhibition “Brown gold – Sweet seduction”.

Aphrodisiac, sacrifice, currency, nutrition and delicacy – chocolate has been all of these and remains so to this day.

Get an exciting insight into the five-thousand-year history of cocoa, covering the mystical ceremonies of Central America and the luxury drink of the European aristocracy through to instantly available treat that it has become today.

We show you the 5000-year history of cocoa and bring together its chronology and range of subjects under a single roof.

Inventor, entrepreneur and trader

Experience the colourful world of chocolate. Historical enamelled signs and chocolate machines will transport you into the world of advertising.

A nostalgic journey through the chocolate advertising of the early 20th century allows you to discover many eye-catching and entertaining promotional concepts, packaging and vending machines.

The final stop on your visit to the museum is an opportunity to discover the background and history of the Chocolate Museum and its founder, Dr Hans Imhoff, as well as the partnership with Lindt & Sprüngli.