A walk-in infographic!

Life without chocolate would be possible, but statistically proven difficult for people in Germany: for years, the tempting cocoa product has topped the list of the most popular sweets. Germany is the largest producer in Europe and, with around nine kilos per capita and year, the most important end consumer. For good reason, therefore, the world’s largest chocolate museum on the banks of the Rhine in Cologne has been a compelling ambassador for this delicious subject for over 25 years now. The centerpiece – theglass chocolate factory – has been completely redesigned inside and now offers a highly modern, informative and sensory museum experience.

The new ingredient warehouse with its life-size raw material containers, a huge industrial shelf and oversized measuring cylinders leads museum guests to the production line in the glass chocolate factory. Its walk-through infographic provides fascinating insights into the world of chocolate production. Strikingly visualized information and exciting media stations line the way through the entire production process: from the roasting of the cocoa beans to the finished bar. While the media stations depict the processes inside the machines, the audience continuously breathes in the unmistakable scent of liquid chocolate. And at the end of the production line, they can taste it fresh and in solid form – served by a robot. “Chocolate has been a treat for centuries and will remain so in the future. That’s why we have linked its history with today and created a completely new museum experience,” emphasizes Annette Imhoff, Managing Director of the Chocolate Museum, not without pride.

The museum’s landmark – the three-meter-high chocolate fountain – rises on a new golden stage. 200 kilograms of fresh Lindt chocolate bubble in the fountain bowl. At the next station, there are historic machines to marvel at. They all made a decisive contribution to the industrialization of chocolate production. And ensured that chocolate, a luxury good, could become a pleasure for everyone.

On the upper factory floor is the chocolate manufactory, where visitors can look over the shoulders of the Maîtres Chocolatiers at work. This includes the chocolating of nuts and fruits as well as the artistic production of hollow chocolate figures. In addition, elegant showcases present historical and contemporary molds for unusual chocolate figures. One of the highlights of the chocolate manufactory is the opportunity to have an individual bar of chocolate created by the Maîtres Chocolatiers. With over 30 freely selectable ingredients, there are virtually no limits to your own imagination. Right next door, in the Confiserie, the in-house chocolates are made by hand. In addition, courses are held in this room, where anyone can become a Maître Chocolatier themselves.

In the glass chocolate factory, all chocolate lovers get comprehensive insights into the industrial production of chocolate and its loving refinement by hand.

We look forward to your visit!