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From raw cocoa to praline

The tour begins with the cultivation and harvest of cocoa and enables you to discover the long journey of the cocoa bean from the plantations in the tropics to the finished chocolate product. In our cultural history section "Brown gold – Sweet seduction", we show you the colourful history of cocoa, ranging from cult drink of the Maya and Aztecs in pre-Columbian America, the luxury drink of the baroque aristocracy through to the instantly available treat for all that it has become today.

In the glass-walled chocolate factory, we show you the industrial methods used today to produce chocolate bars, chocolate figures and truffles. In our chocolate workshop, you can watch our master chocolatiers practise their craft and you can even have your own unique chocolate bar made.

For Adults and Teens
Language: English
Duration: approx. 1 hour
price: € 3,50 + Entrance fee

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