Chocolate Factory

In order to make delicious chocolate from bitter cocoa beans, is a long and complicated process that has been continually refined over centuries.

The 5-roller mill of Heinrich Stollwerck and the Conche of Rodolphe Lindt were very important inventions to make the way to producing a tender melting Lindt chocolate. Both machines can be admired in the Chocolate Museum.

In our glass Chocolate Museum our guests can see how this delicious chocolate is made from cocoa beans. The production of chocolate bars to packing, can be traced in detail through the large windows. The production range includes a complete unit for the processing of cocoa bean roasting, crushing and grinding up to the ready mixed, rolled and conchierten chocolate.

A single board system, as well as the truffle production and hollow figure productions can be viewed here. Around 400 kg chocolate are processed daily in this mini-sized production. At the three-metre-high chocolate fountain, which is decorated with 40 Golden cocoa fruits, we invite you, to "sample" our fresh Lindt milk chocolate.


The confectionery is located in the premises of the Chocolate Studio.

Here, the Maître chocolatiers immerse themselves into the world of chocolate and can choose from various courses for adults and children. Adults embark on the traces of the "great masters" of chocolate art and create their own handmade delicacies. The world of Chocolatier is open also for children from the age of 8 years.

In addition to chocolates, younger visitors can make more delicacies such as their own chocolate bars or hollow figures which involves lots of imagination.

These offer is only available in German. For further information you can switch to the German website here.

Chocolate Atelier

Handmade is dominated in the Chocolate Studio. As already seen in the chocolate factory, all processing steps can be seen through large viewing windows.

So you as our guest, one can watch exactly how truffles get their exquisite ornament or hollow figurines are made in the form of Nikolaus' and Easter bunnies. The two-tone figures are made "by hand", as well as the chocolate footballs, which are also a highlight of the exhibition.

There is another feature in the Chocolate Studio: Here the guests can be produce their own individual favourite chocolate. In order to do this, one needs to choose between the three types of chocolate milk, dark or white and the topping can be selected from the plates of 40 other ingredients.

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