I am Marie the chocolate maid

You will meet me at the exhibition “Brown gold – sweet temptation” in the porcelain castle.

You may have already heard that chocolate used to be much more expensive than it is today. 150 years ago it was very valuable – a luxury item. It was served as drinking chocolate and it was noble people with a sweet tooth who were able to enjoy it.

Experience a grip back in time. I will tell you how drinking chocolate was produced and served back then. You can also admire expensive chocolate cups and pitchers made of porcelain, gold and silver.

If you would like to continue your journey, you can then visit the chocolate world of your parents. At the exhibition “cult chocolates” it is all about cult chocolate and chocolate mascots. You will meet the golden Lindt hare and the Milka cow there. There are also many cool games to do with chocolate for you to try!

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