My name is Elli

Do you like chocolate? If you do then you are in just the right place here. If you come and see us at the museum I will accompany you on an exciting trip through the world of chocolate. Your children are surely the absolute experts when it comes to chocolate. But do you know exactly where chocolate comes from and how it is made? Does it grow on chocolate trees? I can answer this and many other questions that you have probably always wanted to ask. Discover cocoa trees in the 10 metre high tropical house and feel as though you are in the jungle. I will tell you interesting details and facts about the cultivation areas and the harvesting of cocoa. Besides this, I will show you how further processing is carried out from the cocoa beans to the finished chocolate.

Visit the “treasure trove” at the museum too. You will find out interesting facts about the culture of the Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs there, who discovered cocoa, which was even a means of payment for these people.

Find me at the museum; you will always find me in a yellow square. Anywhere you find me in the museum there is always the opportunity to handle, try and play with things.

I look forward to seeing you!

Before that, you can look through our chocolate pages and meet my friends, Maître Chocolatier Jaques and the chocolate maid Marie, here!

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