Cooperation with Plant-for-the-Planet

Kakaofrucht Schokoladenmuseum Köln

Sustainable and lasting commitment

As of this year, the Chocolate Museum Cologne will be operated in a climate-neutral manner. With concrete measures such as the use of green electricity, biodegradable packaging, the retirement of CO2 emission rights and the support of a reforestation project in Mexico, the museum achieves a positive climate balance.

The Chocolate Museum has entered into a partnership with the children and youth initiative “Plant-for-the-Planet.” In Mexico, Plant-for-the-Planet plants a new tree every 15 seconds. The project shows how easy it is to plant trees efficiently on a large scale. In the future, the Chocolate Museum will work with Plant-for-the-Planet to plant 33,300 trees each year. In 2019 and 2020, this will be done in Constitution on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. This significant overcompensation ensures a permanently positive climate balance for the Chocolate Museum Cologne, which thus removes more CO2 from the atmosphere than it emits.

Planting area on the Yucatán Peninsula

Where land went wild years ago, more than three million trees are now growing to help us fight the climate crisis. The donated trees are planted on 22,500 hectares of fallow land. Around 5,500 trees are added every day.

Plant-for-the-Planet App

Plant-for-the-Planet pursues the goal of planting 1,000 billion trees worldwide together with all people. To make this easy and fun, the young people of Plant-for-the-Planet have developed an app. Everyone can get active right away and support tree planting worldwide: Download the Plant-for-the-Planet app, select the “e-forest” project under “Donate trees,” donate the desired amount – and the corresponding number of trees will be planted. Trees planted in your own garden can also be registered, or you can challenge friends and colleagues to a planting competition.

Academy to become ambassadors for climate justice

Plant-for-the-Planet has been training students to become ambassadors for climate justice on every continent for many years. The Chocolate Museum, together with the Imhoff Foundation, makes it possible for up to 540 children aged 10 to 12 to receive this training: 180 in Cologne and 360 elsewhere in the world.

Go for climate

To unite the solutions in the climate crisis and the necessary global cooperation, launched Go for Climate. Crossing Europe on foot and planting trees against the climate crisis. That was Camilla Kranzusch‘s idea when she quit her job as a video producer. Camilla contacted Plant-for-the-Planet. They decided to start a joint project, Go for Climate. A walk of global solutions. Over 6,500 kilometers for the climate from Berlin to Morocco to what will soon be the world’s largest solar power plant in Ouarzazate: Camilla Kranzusch is covering this distance under the motto “Go For Climate” – on foot, by train and by sea. On her way, she also visited our chocolate museum. In the meantime, Camilla has reached her destination in Ouarzazte and held an intercontinental workshop there from 19-21.11.20 with equally enthusiastic and committed climate activists from Africa. At the end of the three workshop days, Camilla planted peach, apple, almond, and pomegranate trees in an oasis with students, farmers, some residents from Ouarzazate, and the entire workshop group.